A day at Apkallu Falls in Gridania. It really just started with a few pics of the fireflys and snowballed from there..

Full time lapse here! :D


OH so that’s what you were doing!

Yea, I didn’t want to move the camera any, so I couldn’t see you half the time!

Watched Iron Man 3 today. Just kept thinking ‘so that’s why Granger wasn’t in the episode on Tuesday, he’s Vice President now’.

I think I’d like an episode where Sam’s cover is LL Cool J and Callen can be his agent.

…Then their cover gets blown cause their target doesn’t actually believe they’re who they say they are.

Finally decided to go ahead and watch the low quality release of the Fairy Tail movie. 3 things to touch on:

- I kept expecting Levy to show up again and at least make an attempt at the ‘dispel magic’.

- Still a little confused on why Erza’s wedding dress wasn’t affected by the unequip magic.

- Dat Gray.

A thought popped into my head the other day, that Tony and Ziva could  avoid breaking rule 12 all together and just get married. They’d show up at the office the next day, hand their marriage certificate and change of status papers to Gibbs, and sit down at their desks like any normal day. Tony would get a head slap for thinking rule 12 even applied to the two of them to begin with, but in the end Gibbs would walk off with a smirk on his face muttering ‘about time though’.

Someone should write this… >.>

Man that was an intense 2 hours of television!

Now for the dreaded 2 week wait for new episodes. THE HORROR!

NCIS: LA loves their explosions. <3

I’ve never seen nor read Twilight, but I have a feeling this gif set sums it up pretty well.

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All I want for Christmas is a Jack Frost hoodie.

All I want for Christmas is a Jack Frost hoodie.

I’d bet money that the file has something to do with Ben.

Reading the Son of Neptune for the first time. Did Iris seriously just tell Frank he could stay and become a ROFLcopter? lol There’s got to be a gif for this somewhere.

ooooo leaving Eyal behind, I think this is the first thing I approve of Annie doing since the season started.


NCIS:LA does explosions better than Covert Affairs.

Finally got around to reading the Percy Jackson books. Just finished book 4 and decided to rent the movie on Amazon to hold me over til I can check out book 5.

It’s like they didn’t even read it! Took a page from each chapter and threw it into a movie. Why can’t film makers stick to the book?

dat gray.

perfect chapter to remind me why he’s been my favorite character from the start!